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Do you think of yourself as a creative individual?

You are one, regardless of whether or not you consider yourself as such (and you can even keep both your ears). 

Because creativity is not just a gift given to the lucky few, but an ability so deeply woven into being human that to cut it off is as traumatic as amputating an arm or a leg.

I mean, you can live without it.  You can still work, you can still survive.  You can live paycheck to paycheck, looking forward to getting blasted on the weekend, only to do it all over again.

You can have the house and the spouse and the kids and the prestigious job, only to look around your life and declare "Blah!"

And truthfully if you do, God bless it.

Because no experience of life is unworthy or unholy.

And society financially rewards people who keep those "frivolous" pursuits under wraps.

However, the rewards of living the true life of your soul are much greater.

And if you're interested in receiving those rewards (AND the monetary ones too), then you've come to the right place at the right time.

Because life transformation for creative individuals is what I'm about.

It's my mission and calling on this planet.

It's about helping you get the f* out of that dead-end job (or helping you sell yourself INTO a day job that financially supports your calling!)

About helping you reach inside and find that long-buried spark of a dream, of ambition, of the will to bend the universe to your will.

About helping you awaken to the POWER that lies dormant within you, and access and channel it to create your dreams in the world.

If this is something that would serve you, then click this link, enter your email into the reasonably attractive Aweber form, and hit Register.

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Living from the Heart


"Live from the heart of yourself.  Seek to be whole, not perfect."--Oprah Winfrey

There is something very deep in this statement--and something that is missed by nearly everyone as we go about the hustle and bustle and all the drama of day-to-day life.

In the rush to accumulate "enough" of "what we need to get by," does anyone ever stop to consider what's at the core--what's at the heart of ourselves?

Is it any wonder, then, that heart disease is the number one killer of human beings, both male and female?

And look, people: it's not cholesterol that's killing your heart.

Cholesterol might be a part of the problem, but if it is, it's because we are shoving fattening food down our throats to distract from the real issue.

The issue that no one is actually taking the time to listen to what your heart might be telling you.

Well...KT Tunstall is taking the time to listen to the weird shit her heart is telling her.  I don't know about the rest of us.

Thing is...that once you start doing it, the world comes into focus.  Everything starts to make sense.

You begin to be able to immediately discern truth from bullshit. 

You begin to learn the difference between what's feeding you and what's killing you.

And you begin to attract the right people towards you who will help you achieve your goals.  And to repel those people who have been in your orbit, yet spewing negative energy against you and holding you back.

Today we had an absolutely powerful conference call studying the book Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein. 

By "we," of course, I mean me, myself, and I.  I advertised on Facebook...kind of...but no one showed up.  Nonetheless, it was still powerful. 

It can still transform your life.

If you call 712-432-1085, access code 470454#, the replay is probably still up...for about 24 hours, before we jump into chapter 1 tomorrow.

Do it now.  It will help you begin to see a clearer vision for your life and the giving of your gifts--even if that vision does not yet exist on this Earth.

Sacred Economics, with Charles Eisenstein.

This 12-minute video explores ideas for how we can create an economy that is in alignment with nature and spiritual goals, allowing everyone to thrive instead of competing.  Well worth your 12 minutes!

If you liked it, the whole book is available to read online free, here.



I'm an all-over-the-place kind of person.  I start projects, work on them passionately to the exclusion of all else for about a week, then immediately drop it and start something else. 

It drives everyone around me crazy.

It also means it's very rare that I complete a project.

If you're like this too, don't worry!

It turns out that focus is a skill that can be learned.

And you can begin to learn it now by the practice of building rituals around everything you do.

I just learned this today when I came to log into this blog.  There's a new video up on the login page; Dave Wood has apparently turned Empower into a kung fu dojo and I am very OK with this.

Watch the video to learn the "kung fu secret" of how to approach your business.  You can apply these principles no matter what business you are in, and you can also apply them to get greater success in your job.

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